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Default Re: Favorite moment in the trilogy?

Originally Posted by x1cyclops_rocks View Post
my favourite bit in x men 1 is actually through 3 deleted scenes, its some brillaint character development for jean cyclops and storm, something which they lacked.

the first one is xavier and jean in cerebro, talking about how with charles jean wouldnt have had much of a life, its nice how she calls him charles as well, shows the relationship

the next one is storm talking to rogue, its the first time we hear storm actually in a conversation, we dont see her properly talk to anyone until her chasing wolverine as he is about to leave, anyway, she asks rogue how she is, her accent is brilliant and she comes across as the mother of the school, whih is brillaint

the next scene is the extended bedroom scene, jean explains why cyclops is so controlled and then cyclops and logan have an extended argument, scotts beliefs are shown as he states he is a proud mutant, love this scene as he kicks logans ass, as he should do after logan stealing his role in x3
I agree w/you if the characterizations we got in X3 could match what was taken out of X1 then we would have kick ass characters...combine X3 Storm(fighting/power wise) w/X1 Storm then her character would have been kick ass from the start and w/Jean the scenes from X1 would've made the phoenix vs xavier more heartfelt because of the father/daughter relationship that wasn't these films it felt like Xavier treated the X-Men as students instead of his children and each team member has a special relationship w/him

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