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Default Re: What about a Batman live-action tv series?

I'm not sure to be completely honest. I think it would be interesting, but you would have to get extremely great writers on this; and an approval from Goyer. LOL I think it would be interesting; ya know, if the Batman series doesn't continue much longer in theaters, that could be a new route to go by. Either that or make a completely new show, but more or less based on the comics; maybe get a few of the writers like Paul Dini and Jeph Loeb on it. Brian Azzarello and Josh Olson were also big writers for Gotham Knight, so if you got them on, that'd be pretty sweet too.

Maybe this doesn't have to be exactly Nolan style, but it could still be a realistic Batman series that fans could really appreciate and finally get what we anticipated for; just was long as it isn't close to being like Law and Order or CSI, it could be a hit.

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