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Default Re: Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey

Neal Adams' Batman Odyssey begins this July!

BATMAN: ODYSSEY, a 12-part mini-series launching in July, brings Adams back to the character he helped redefine. Adams’ energetic, realistic and sweeping style is both timeless and modern, and it’s an understatement to say his return to The Dark Knight has been something fans have been clamoring for.
ODYSSEY finds Batman facing a series of seemingly unrelated challenges, villains and allies, old and new, that push him to his limits as never before. The battles get more intense and, in turn, more deadly, The Dark Knight Detective discovers that there might be an overarching force behind his troubles. And if this is so, if there is a dark and mysterious matrix being superimposed over Batman’s life… what sort of life-changing voyage must he go on to free himself from this powerful and insidious direction?
Worse… where can he go that he has never gone before for his desperately needed Odyssey?
“I have been collecting bits and pieces of Batman’s life and time over the years since I was doing Batman regularly,” Adams said. “With even this massive series, I haven’t been able to shove them all in. but the juiciest and richest morsels are there. Have comic books always been this much fun?”
Adams, who will write and pencil the entire series, will also ink the first two issues, followed by pairings with some of the most lauded artistic collaborators in the comic book industry. What more do you really need? Neal Adams. On Batman. July 2010.

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