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Default Re: Should characters in "Captain America" smoke?

Originally Posted by Ace of Knaves View Post
What's ridiculous?

Ridiculous is not showing a very common thing on the front lines in those days because it will offend the mommys and daddys.

People who think smoking should never be shown in any movies are your typical PC cry babies who are helping dumb things down and basically making Americans look like we can't think for ourselves.

The thread starter mentioned that showing smoking in movies is "bad" but it's the individual's right to choose. If someone starts smoking because they saw it in a movie or on TV...they're incredibly moronic.

I didn't vote on the poll because when it comes down to it, I don't care either way but I do lean towards showing smoking since it was heavily prominent in those times.

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Print this post and put it in a safe place....years from now pull it out and read it.......the sound of the face palming that ensues will shatter glass with it's power.

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