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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

I liked IM better than TDK. I can honestly say that I watch IM once a week. The chemistry between Stark and Potts overwhelms Bruce and Rachel. Infact there were a more than a few scenes where Maggie Gyllenhaal look hideous...the scene at the police station with Lau comes to mind.
I also feel that IM world was much better than TDK. IM gave us a view of the Marvel Universe. We got hints at the Avengers, hints at Captain America, hints at the Mandarin, hints at Warmachine, we saw SHIELD, during the fight with Iron Monger there was a building with Roxxon on it(Roxxon being Marvel's evil version of Exxon). In TDK we had very few hints at the greater DC Universe. Do you realize that WB has all the rights to the DC characters and we will see Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in a movie together before we see Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.

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