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Default Re: The Iron Man 2 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by FaT_tONle View Post
Alice and Wonderland opened with what??? 120 million??? And some of you guys have it barely over a 100 mill. Big OW are to be expected these days so I think 150 has to be the minimum when you adjust for inflation and the works. 400 domestic isn't a huge stretch either, but it could fall short if the reception comes up a little short.
I know, right?

And I don't get why everyone thinks TDK's opening records are that special anymore. I'm still surprised it made so much money in the first place considering how dark and serious it is, and it certainly was huge at that time, but TF2 almost beat TDK's 5-day record, and Harry Potter and then Twilight effin' New Moon beat its midnight opening. And then along came Avatar.

It's pretty safe to assume that box office records will be broken every year now. It's just one of those eras.

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