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Default Re: The Iron Man 2 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by FaT_tONle View Post
Alice and Wonderland opened with what??? 120 million??? And some of you guys have it barely over a 100 mill. Big OW are to be expected these days so I think 150 has to be the minimum when you adjust for inflation and the works. 400 domestic isn't a huge stretch either, but it could fall short if the reception comes up a little short.
Yeah but you have to factor in the 3-d which greatly helped the OW.
But yeah i do agree with the rest of your post. Iron Man will open huge and if the running time isn't too long , it has a very good chance of beating TDK's opening weekend.

Originally Posted by topdog1 View Post
Oh boy, I can smell the Nolanites and the batfanboys already starting to mount their anti-IM2 campaign. I bet a few of them have their canned "bad" reviews already typed up simply waiting to add a few details before they storm the net and try to bash the film. Trust me, it'll happen regardless of the film's quality.
And there will Iron Man 2 fans who will mount a anti-Batman 3 campaign if that movie break IM2 opening weekend.
In both cases those are dumbasses because they should realise
A) records are always meant to be broken
B) geeks , nerds & comic book fans all over the world should instead take pride in this singular achievement :
"Iron Man 2 is going to break the records set by that POS New Moon "

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