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Default Should a new Popeye film see the light of day?

Having just watched the old Robin Williams film last night for the first time in years actually got me thinking. Would a new Popeye film reach a new audience with the kids of today? Don't get me wrong the Robin Williams film was great for it's time but still if a new movie were to come I'd certainly get in line. Just so long as there are no fart jokes etc I'll be happy.

And who would you cast in each of their prospective roles. It was also a surprise seeing Linda Hunt in the old film too.

I wouldn't actually mind Peter Jackson have a go at this. I think with Grant Major in Production Design, Sweethaven would look amazing IMHO.

EDIT: Ah well I guess I may as well scrap that as I've just learned of Sony with Avi Arad is planning a CGI film in 3D.

Still I welcome a little discussion for a live film adaptation though.

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