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Default Re: The Iron Man 2 Box Office Prediction Thread

Hard to say for this movie. Massive opening weekend certainly , at least 130m, but then word of mouth and reviews will determine the rest.

I can't see it getting many more people who didn't see the first one, unlike, say TDK. The hype for IM2 is solid, but nothing about it suggests it'll be much different to its predecessor. They're basically saying: if you liked IM you'll like IM2. It's business as usual. Except there's another Iron Man-esque guy and Scarlett too.

I'm going to be conservative and guess high 300s for domestic. May openings are good to start off but harder to have legs because all the competition is ahead of you. It also depends on how well Robin Hood does, which doesn't have much hype but could still do damage opening a week later. As for WW? haven't got a clue.

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