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Default Re: The Official Cast Jimmy Olsen Thread

First off, thanks for posting guys, it was getting lonely in here

Originally Posted by Blitzkrieg Bop View Post
I guarantee someone will suggest Michael Cera before this thread hits page three.
yeah i don't doubt it, i just don't see much Jimmy in the guy. Like i've said in other threads i think the key to good casting is figuring out the character first, personality/attitude and then and only then do you move to the casting stage.

Incidently that's why i think a lot of the casting suggestions for Lois are just wrong, people are basing it all on looks but not on personality/character. I agree with you about Rashida Jones for lois lane, perfect casting there.

Originally Posted by solidsnake86 View Post
I think this is one area that the movies have failed, STM included. The daily planet provides great interaction and obviously they turned it into a successful series for 3 seasons. As for jimmy, I like the description you gave. I would want the to avoid the over the top nerdy with bow tie because who dresses like that any more. Him being geeky is fine but that doesn't mean he has to be incapable. He should in a way be the comic relief but not because of his own characteristics but more in his actions.
I totally agree with you. I just watched all 4 films over the last month and i never really like perry or jimmy. They didn't do a whole lot and their interaction with clark and lois was spotty at best. L & C did the best job with the DP staff hands down. Really hoping they will take a look at it and really wrap their brains around how to portray these characters in the new film so that we actually enjoy seeing them interact.

I agree, geeky jimmy could be cool, but not lame.

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