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Default Re: Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey

Neal Adams interview

Basicly he seems to confirm the gun-wielding Batman is Bruce in his very early years. As his Bat-ears on his headgear are flopping. He's kinda all amateur and starting out. Even the gear isn't as awesome as his current stuff, but yeah it seems he's checking out guns because... Yeah thats what criminals do! You know trying to terrorize criminals with them and whatnot. Other cool information is pretty much how this spans into a larger story. We see Joker, Riddler, Deadman and Dick Grayson seems to be the Robin in this. Tho it seems to span from era to era, where we get flashbacks and whatnot. Also Neal created 2 new heroes for his story. Or well 1 new hero and 1 new sidekick to be precise.

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