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Default Re: The Official Cast Jimmy Olsen Thread

Originally Posted by Changeling View Post
Someone suggested Clark Duke. I like that choice a lot.
That would be me

My old choice was Christopher Marquette, but Clark Duke has become my new choice, and not just because of Hot Tub Time Machine. I think Duke is a riot and would provide an entertaining Jimmy. I have always Jimmy should be there for comedical purposes first and foremost, and too a point, the Daily Planet as a whole should be funny. Not in an over the top, dumbass Jonah Jameson/J.K. Simmons manner, but smart and sharp. This is why Ted Danson is a favorite choice of mine for Perry White, although I also like Michael Keaton, and if yoiu wanted a gruffer, tough as nails Perry, I would look into William Forsythe.

Also, might it be better if we take this thread and create a "Official Daily Planet staff" thread?


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