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Default Re: Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey

Originally Posted by Cobblepot View Post
I hope Neal isn't taking this thing over the top. That covers is rediculous, his gloves should at least have some protection.
Reality is over the top. That cover actually is realistic. Even gloves made of Kevlar are not bulletproof against an AK-47 or M-16 round of gunfire. Trying to stop an AK round with Kevlar would require him to wear so many layers of Kevlar that it would restrict and slow down his movement!

That's why Neal Adams says: "In a way, Batman has become sort of outdated. Even in the movies, they've had to put armor on him and do things to him that have made him stiff and uncomfortable. And they've had to deal with the question of how does Batman – who comes from a time of gangsters and pistols and minimal armament – come into a time where we seem to have the most powerful guns, the most frightful explosive devices...we seem to be in a time where gangsters are armed in a ridiculous manner. There used to be a time where Batman was worried about whether or not a guy doing a mugging had a gun. Today, a guy pulls out a gun as long as his leg and starts firing at Batman."

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Originally Posted by DaRkVeNgeanCe View Post
Manbat I adore you, those articles were amazing thanks!!!
Originally Posted by Octoberist View Post
Honesty, God bless you Man-Bat.
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Wow, brilliant post, man. Seriously, I couldn't possibly counter debate that. That post is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. You're obviously a true scholar of Batman lore
You've convinced me. Well played, sir. It's great to debate with someone who has the hard facts to back up what they say
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