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Default Re: Neal Adam's Batman Odyssey

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
An AK-47 bullet would blow your whole arm off, not simply go through it....
No. Here is a guy that was shot by a bullet from an AK-47 in the arm. It didn't blow his whole arm off, it went through it and shattered the bone and destroyed a chunk of muscle tissue. He now has four screws in the bone and has no feeling in that part of his arm, but still has his arm.
Here's a guy that was shot by a bullet from an AK-47 in the leg. It didn't blow his whole leg off, it went through it.

So he's just carrying a gun for the sake of it?
He carried guns because, as Neal Adams says, it was "very logical and sensible." The need of weapons to fight armed criminals, and to protect himself. And it's historically accurate for him to be carrying guns early in his crime-fighting career.

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