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Default Re: The Official Cast Jimmy Olsen Thread

Originally Posted by BATZARRO WWD View Post

Michael Angarano...except by the time the film gets done, he'd be too old.

That is an AWESOME Suggestion! this kid would be great. He could probably play younger too even if he's a bit older by the time the movie is in production.

And while i agree that casting lois and clark is of top importance, we can still have some fun casting Jimmy. A solid supporting cast is important to any film, and for something like Superman it adds a nice human element that films like Iron Man capitalized on. The supporting cast can add a lot of "fun" to the story but fleshing out our main cast via their interaction with the supporting characters.

You could argue that none of these casting threads are necessary as we have no idea who will actually get cast as the leads or supporting characters. The most important element to any production is the characterizations. Writing the characters as 3d human beings rather than 2d caricatures. That's what's needed for all the characters, and yet i hardly see any of those threads around here, most people just want to cast without giving significant thought to the role itself and trying to match a good actor that fits the or can portray that specific characterization.

This thread was created to encourage people to start thinking more about Jimmy, both casting and Characterization. I'd actually like to see more people posting on the Metropolis/Smallville casting thread as well, or the characterization threads but all some people seem to want is say "cast ____ as Lois lane" or "cast ______ as Superman".

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