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Default Transformers 2: The Real Effing Deal Cut

I recently watched a fancut of Transformers 2 called "The Real Effing Deal Cut." The purpose of this cut was to reduce some of the cheesiness of the movie (not eliminate it entirely, though), reduce the crude / sexual humor to more acceptable levels, and to make the movie be of a more reasonable length and pace.

I had the pleasure of obtaining a Blu-Ray copy of this particular, and I must say, from a technical level it's very well done, and from an entertainment standpoint I found it to be superior to the theatrical cut. If you are like me and enjoyed the first film but were disappointed by the sequel, then I reccomend giving The Real Effing Deal a try. It's a tighter, less absurd version of the movie that does a much better job at living up to the first movie. The plot unfortunately still has nonsense in it (this was a writers' strike movie, after all), but if want 2 hours of popcorn entertainment that continues Transformers 1, then IMO Real Effing Deal is the route to go.

If you are interested in seeing this version of the movie, be aware that fan cuts are a bit of a gray area I will not be posting any links to it. If you legally own the film though, and would like to check out a leaner, more definitive cut of the film, then a quick Google search should do you some good.

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