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Default Re: Iron Man 2 MKV "Suit case armor" Build 2010 Master Le :D

@STEALTH - Close but no cigar, i dont use cheap materials, only the best. Like they say to each to his own.

Originally Posted by Doctor Florence View Post
Unbelievable..those suit are simple AMAZING!
Thank you for your kind comment
Originally Posted by RealIrOnMaN View Post
Daaaaammmmmnnn bro, it LOOKS TOTALLY OFF THE HOOK! REALLY!

BTW: Did you also had a chance to make a briefcase?
This is the breif case armor XD heheh
Originally Posted by SpiderByte View Post

How to make Mark V Battle Damaged:

Step One: Make a Mark V suit.

Step Two: Turn off the light in right eye.

Step Three: Get a ****ing flamethrower and burn that sonuva *****!
hehe i probably decide to do that when i make a fan trailer or something
Originally Posted by SpiderByte View Post
Overall, Lee, it looks great, but the hands...the hands don't match the rest of the color of the armor. Did you use the Mark III hands for it?

Overall, it's still really good. Maybe you could upgrade it a bit after the premiere (some moving bits, the flip-back helmet)
yeah i dident have enough time to get it doen befor April 16th "starfest"
things still need to be work out

-new neck piece

-Replusor gloves

-update back armor

-update calf armor

-better overall coverage "mobility is still amazing "

-Section closed face plate.

Originally Posted by Figs View Post
Keep up the good work Masterle247!

I can't wait to see your future projects.
thanks, wait until you see this faceplate work like the movie version

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