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Default Cool Dark Knight references in pop culture

As anyone who hasn´t lived under a rock in the past couple years knows, TDK is polinized all over pop culture with references, homages, influences, parodies, etc. Let´s point out some of the coolest examples. here are some:

The Office: Creed shows up to the office´s Halloween party as the Heath Ledger Joker and delivers "let´s put a smile on that face" and "I´ll make this pencil (holds elevator door) disappear".

South Park: Pretty much an entire episode references TDK as well as Rorschach in Watchmen all the way through, focused on Cartman trying to be a masked vigilante known as The Coon.

Community: The show´s "Rain Man", human pop culture encyclopaedia Abed shows up to a Halloween party dressed up as Batman, doing a Christian Bale Impression, in the end saves two leading characters and makes a speech that echoes in many ways the ending of TDK.

Iron Man 2: Coincidence or not, IM2 has an interrogation scene between the hero and villain, where the villain tells the hero the "ugly truth".


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