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Default Re: Cool Dark Knight references in pop culture

Originally Posted by Nuffsaid View Post
I see it too. But I dare not speak around these parts.
People are sensitive around here, but Iron Man fans tend to be more reasonable, especially compared to Bat-fans.

Honestly though, people shouldn't hesitate about posting things that are at least some what thought out.

Think about it, Spider-Man 2 and Batman Begins had train sequences. The Dark Knight has a transformer (Tumbler to Bat-Pod). The Joker looks similar to the Crow. People don't mind because none of these artistic decisions are forced, they seem to fit in nicely with their own stories.

Heck, Whiplash and the Joker apparently go to the same barber too, nobody really cares.

As for references in pop culture go I am kinda surprised as to the amount of references. To be honest I kind of expected more but I am glad there isn't a saturation of The Dark Knight quotes and quips out there.

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