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Default Re: Cool Dark Knight references in pop culture

Originally Posted by thedarks0ldier View Post
Think about it, Spider-Man 2 and Batman Begins had train sequences. The Dark Knight has a transformer (Tumbler to Bat-Pod). The Joker looks similar to the Crow. People don't mind because none of these artistic decisions are forced, they seem to fit in nicely with their own stories.
These are all just coincidences, and have nothing to do with "pop culture references". All the references above, like from The Office, South Park, and Community, are all references to Pop Culture, but the Iron Man2 interrogation scene isn't a TDK reference. That would be like saying that Nolan was referencing Spawn the movie, when Spawn was in a motorcycle chasing Clown in a semi, just like Batman in the Bat-pod chasing The Joker's truck.

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