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Default Re: DIY -$25 Iron Man - Mark V Suit Tutorial by FETTS.SOBRIQUET

This is a great suit build, TRASHCAN IRON MAN!
High Impact (poly)urethane plastics (trash cans) are great for this style suit, Polyurethane plastic is polyurethane plastic, if it was anything else it would be called a different name like Torlon or Sintra, and by the way there is no classification for urethane plastic, (Urethane by itself has been found toxic and is not a compond in Polyurethane).. maybe urethane rubber, but that's not plastic, its rubber. Regardless of what anyone says, unless anyone can prove the chemical make up, composition and polymer backbone and side chains of a "high quality" or "movie quality" polyurethane its all the same regardless..

Some people just want to sound important I guess. What is "movie quality" Urethane plastic anyways, is it better then industrial grade polyurethane plastic? I think not! Its the same thing.

Besides using high quality plastics is like putting Carbon Fiber in a helmet instead of fiberglass. Why do it? The results are the same, maybe you get a little weight savings and a harder material, but the cost is outrageous and not worth it for the everyday costuming purposes. Sorry for the rant, chemistry happens to be a side hobby that I like to indulge in, and ignorance bothers me.

That being said I'm building one of these with my 15 year old brother in-law.. He's excited to build this cause it soo simple to build and its well suited for a kid. We've already got all the pieces cut out, just need to rivet it up!
Thanks for sharing this here!



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