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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

The Dark Knight is a great picture, the problem is the protagonists are the most boring characters in the film. The film only stands out because of Ledger and Eckhart. Christian Bale wears pretty thin with the stupid raspy voice thing, and whatever sort of American accent he's trying to do.

Michael Cain is brilliant, but he's given nothing, unlike his role in the first movie. Freeman has alot of lines, but doesn't really seem to say anything significant other than "you want to be able to turn your head."

Finally, I never thought I'd beg for Katie Holmes to be brought back, but I was cheering when Maggie Gyllenhaal was blown up. There was absolutely no chemistry with her and Bale the way their was with Holmes in the first movie.

Having said that I loved the movie, but those who say it's flawless are being rather disingenuous.

Iron Man is just plain fun and doesn't take itself too seriously. Although the cave scene is very moving with Yinsen, and Faran Tahir takes a bit part and makes it stand out, just as he did in Star Trek.

As a whole the ensemble in Iron Man is just better, although TDK gets a slight edge with what Heath did, and the tragic circumstances around his roll. But TDK just doesn't cut the mustard with Bale's weak performance and Gyllenhaal just looking absolutely out of place.

Finally the Batsuit is way overdone, overthought and looks rediculous. The redesign of the suit did not work for the movie. The Joker costume did work 100% and I wasn't sure it would, but I was wrong.

Iron Man on the other hand goes no. 1 on my list for comic book costume adaptations. It's completely faithful to the comics, but yet doesn't come off looking fake or rediculous. I personally didn't care for Iron Monger's look however, but I can see based on the movie why they went the way they did.

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