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Default Re: The "Easter Eggs/References" Thread (Spoilers to minimum)

Originally Posted by Kokomo29 View Post
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
I've heard that Captain America's shield in the movie was very technological, unlike its comics counterpart. Can anyone confirm that? I've heard that it is very high-tech in Iron Man 2.
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Not really, it looks plastic and is hanging together. In fact I don't think it was Cap's shield but was actually a prototype designed by Howard Stark.

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
Why would Tony be building a shield for Cap if he hasnt been found yet?
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Coulson picked it out of a box that consisted of Howard Stark's property, so I think it was just a prototype that Howard designed decades ago. Or at least that's what I'd hope is the situation because the look of the shield didn't impress me at all.

The only problem is that Coulson talks about the shield in awe as if it were the original shield that Cap used on the battlefield.

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