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Default Re: First official image of Chris Hemsworth as THOR!

Originally Posted by Green Ghost View Post
Pretty cool! Chris really has the look and even the long hair doesn't look stupid...the costume design is great, but my only problem is that the material looks kinda fake in this pic, like rubber. first I thought they put his head on a action-figure body but I have the hope that it'll look better in the movie, because stills often don't do this kinda stuff justice...

so overall I am very happy with the design and this pic moves the film right behind Green Lantern on my most-wanted-list!
I have to say that at this point THOR is ahead of Green Lantern on my must see list... and i'm much more of a DC guy than a MARVEL guy... i think it's a mixture of actually seeing this pic and being apprehensive about GL being shot in 3D. Hopefully both will be face meltingly awesome

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Now that Iron Man 2's just about released, I guess the Marvel media machine has turned its eye toward Thor. Which is awesome.
It's about damn time, if i do say so myself

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