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Default Re: First official image of Chris Hemsworth as THOR!

Originally Posted by TheCorpulent1 View Post
Hemsworth mentioned that they had him in a wig. I don't think they'd make a wig that's not even shoulder-length. But you're right, the angle makes it impossible to tell. Gotta wait for more pics.

In the meantime, I just thought I'd post this for all the naysayers who will inevitable show up at some point:

Love or hate the new look, remember that we've come a long, long way from having to worry about something like that, at least.

LMAO, I watched this (and the Daredevil one) for the first time a few weeks ago and was thinking, they should do something similar with Hulk in the Avengers movie.

Have Hulk fight the team in the first act, act two, have Hulk form an uneasy alliance with the team and the final battle have Hulk completely team up with them.

It worked in this movie.

Oh yeah, Bixby/Banner picking up the hammer was a huge .

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