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Default Re: The Official Mjolnir Thread


It is that time, photos of Thor are starting to come out and it is time to get hyped again. This whole production is so magical, surreal almost, imagine that the Thunder god and Mjolnir will soon be bringing the thunder to a movie screen near you.

You know this is pretty cool stuff. Kenneth has done us proud, he obviously respected the contributions of other great creators on Thor before him, Like Kirby, and now Coipel and even us long suffering fans of other movies who were tired of hearing directors explain why the simplest things could not be done as it was in the comics (Thing's Brow.. prime example). Changes are often necessary for proper translation to film but you have to know what to change and what is untouchable.

For that reason it has been like waiting for the shoe to drop wondering if the hammer would be that monstrosity that ultimate Thor had or the costume would be butchered.

It is good to know that somebody cared enough to think the whole creative process through and understand that there is nothing wrong with going with what works. Kenneth, Coipel... take a bow, you have done us proud.

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