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Default Re: The Iron Man 2 Box Office Prediction Thread

Because of the outrageous 3D ticket prices alot of movies will be passing 1bil in just a few years.

And Tony I'd totally agree that a film will soon open with 200mil...I just don't think that IM2 will be that film. If A Nightmare on Elm Street fails to crack 30mil this weekend I might just up my prediction to 175-180mil because that will mean that people are probably waiting for the first summer movie to come out. Ofcourse my theory could easily be bulls**t but I'll predict those numbers anyway.

I still don't quite see it passing New Moon's opening day but it will undoubtedly have a better weekend multiplier. I mean I wouldn't be suprised if it had a bigger opening day than New Moon but for some reason I just think that it will miss it by a 1mil or so.

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