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Default Re: The "Easter Eggs/References" Thread (Spoilers to minimum)

Originally Posted by Mantis Rapture View Post
The funniest thing about the whole experince of watching the movie, for me, was making my friends sit through the credits to watch that scene. Having not spoiled myself i didn't know exactly what to expect, but presumed it was something to do with Agent Colsun (? I forget his name everytime i go to write it) seeing as his very pointless character just pissed off halfway through the film

None of them new what the hell it meant and were all pretty angry we missed last orders at the bar because of i made them stay and watch it.

I was thinking - are these kinda 'Easter Eggs' even worth it? Most people don't have a clue what they're refering too, and in this film, to me at least, it felt that Shield/Nick Fury/Agent whateverhisnameis was one giant easter egg for future Marvel films, not serving the plot of the film at all, and in fact slowing it down a fair bit.
The one redeeming factor of this movie was that scene. It actually said FU to the general audience in a way. Things like the showing off of the Captain America shield was just annoying. Also flaunting Fury at a random point and Stark creating Vibranium (though was this actually said during the movie? I can't remember hearing it). So the Thor scene made me smile, but all the rest was just a stupid bloody marketing ploy.

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