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Default Re: The Iron Man 2 Box Office Prediction Thread

Originally Posted by DarkKnight88 View Post
Debatable. Simple fact is inflation isn't accurate to gauge what Spider-Man would've done in 2010. Or what Transformers 2 would've done in 2002. Different worlds. Different times.
I think that's true to some extent. For example I believe adjusted for inflation Gone With the Wind is the no. 1 movie ever. Well this was released in an era before Television, before Beta Max and VHS, Before the internet, before DVD and Blue Ray. You can't really make a one to one correltation.

However, between Spider-Man and Iron Man, there was only a 7 year gap and a 9 year gap to now. While many things have changed, in that time, it's a more similar time frame.

Spider-Man was released on alot of screens for it's time, around 3800, but still far fewer that TDK which had the widest release on record at 4366 screens, IM2 will be inbetween at 4000, which seems rather odd that it's not more, so I expect alot of sell outs.

Still overall you make a good point.

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