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Default Re: The "Easter Eggs/References" Thread (Spoilers to minimum)

There was a guy listed as "ten rings gangster" in the credits. I don't know if he's the guy who got Ivan his passportor the body double in the prison.

TIH and the arrival of Thor takes place half way through this film. The arrival of Thor was also foretold in TIH during one of the news segments with the asian reporter which was also seen at the end of IM2 which leads me to believe the thunderstorm in TIH is in fact the arrival of Thor. I watched TIH before I went to watch IM2 and after and found TIH to be more awesome.

Seriously, Marvel is doing a great job at making the movies feel like part of a larger universe.

I like how people complain about the five thousand or so lives lost in MOS while totally ignoring the seven billion one hundred twenty-four million nine hundred ninety-five thousand other people Superman saved by taking out the World Engine.
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