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Default Re: Cool Dark Knight references in pop culture

I really don't think the "you complete me" line is referring to, or making fun of, TDK. Again, it's just a coincidence that both of those lines were used. "You complete me" is actually a pretty common phrase, and was only made "popular" by Jerry McGuire. It's just a phrase, and nothing more. It would be like saying any movie that uses the phrase "oh behave" is automatically referring back to Austin Powers, when in most cases, it probably isn't. It's just a common phrase that Austin Powers, just so happened, made popular. Nothing more, nothing less. Maybe if Tony Stark said it EXACTLY like The Joker, by saying, "you.....complete.....ME!", then maybe I could buy it. But the fact remains, he said it fast, so it really shouldn't even be comparable in terms of use.

Now, if Tony Stark said something along the lines of "I don't wear hockey pads", or making fun of a bat-costume, then I could see the reference, but the "you complete me" is just a common phrase that shouldn't even be referred back to TDK, as it wasn't a catch phrase from that movie, and is more closely associated with Jerry McGuire, if anything.

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