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Default Re: Why are mutants hated but not superheroes?

As mentioedn its bc of PR and media. Mutants are hated bc you have people in the media saying a whole bunch of negative things about them bc they have a platform to do so. People are ignorant and fear the unkown. Origin of power is really secondary. Look at Spiderman. He's been pretty hated and trashed in the past, mainly due to the negative press that J. Jonah has given him in the papers. It happens in real life. Look at how negative the press got towards arabs and muslims following 911. Alot of people associated that with an entire group even if it was a few individuals.

The Avengers have great PR. They are backed by the government and make sure their images is portrayed as good in the meida. Heck some of them, like Ms. Marvel even have their own publiscist. The X-men generally have not cared about that stuff. Mutant Avengers arent generally discriminated against. Beast gets it when he associares himself with the X-men, not so much with the Avengers

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