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Default Re: Iron Man vs Iron Man 2

Originally Posted by drmick View Post
I've been getting abuse in the rate/review thread for daring to crticise those that felt the sequel was better than the first.

I have to admit that given the amount of 10/10s being given in that thread I fully expect Iron Man 2 to win this poll. The best chance of getting an accurate result will be in a few months time when the dust settles, and the hyper-excitable dudes move on to the next hot forum.

Much too early to tell, you're comparing a film you may have seen multiple times over one that's fresh in your mind. Ratings will probably drop once the excitement factor has worn off

Oh and I'm going with the first. It's a better crafted and more specifically, scripted movie. The script was the biggest issue I had with the second one, there was little to it which allowed self indulgent improv and was the cause of an empty middle. It's possibly one of the worst scripts I've seen in any CM movie for some time

But at least the second one had Sam Rockwell

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