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Default Gwyneth Paltrow aka Pepper Potts: the REAL unsung hero of the Iron Man Movies

This thread is long overdue. I don't frequent these boards enough and I wanted to drop in a separate complimentary post about her work in IM2...and lo and behold there is no Pepper Potts thread!!!! There is a basic Paltrow is cast thread...from August, but nothing more.

Well this is outrageous. It seems fanboys take Pepper for granted as much as Tony does.

This movie made me appreciate Paltrow in these films so much more. While these are Downey's vehicles and they are ONLY his movies, his best scenes are with Paltrow. They have an amazing chemistry and Favreau has done a great job of mimicking the same foreplay one would find in a Howard Hawks or Frank Capra movie. I didn't realize how much I loved her in the role until she was underused in IM2.

IM2 drags in the middle, that is no secret. The plot can be muddled at times. But whenever she is on screen, Downey perks up along with the audience as another witty rapport is about to begin. They are a joy to watch. Downey may own Iron Man, but he brings his best game to the movies when he is bouncing off of her. And she is the unsung hero of these movies.

So, to Stark's CEO and the one who keeps him, and his acting alterego, on their best behavior.

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