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Default Re: Dance-Off: Drunk Iron Man vs Justin Hammer at Stark Expo!

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Excuses, excuses. I think the Emo dancing was worse. But this was in the same ballpark. It was cheesy and too comedic. Seeing Tony dance in that suit and then get in a drunken brawl wasn't that clever. It just reminds me of Superman III and Spider-Man 3 where they turn the hero's darkside into a bad joke. It is opening weekend, so it is okay now. But fans will turn on thiss scene soon, especially after they watch it on DVD a lot. Because it honestly does not work. Rockwell' sdancing was funny. Tony dancing was just a lame gag with Favreau in the same mindset as Raimi. Favreau didn't add hip thrusts or a bad haircut and disco music. But it is an apples to apples comparison.
I don't think so. That scene was very important and it did work.

At that point Tony just accepted he was gonna die... so he went and got out of his brain. He wanted to go out with a party.

He didn't care that he was further poisoning himself by using the suit, he didn't care that he was putting innocent lives at risk. He was totally in "don't give a flying **** mode".

I don't think it was that funny, i thought it was pretty sad to be honest.

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