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Default Re: Iron Man vs Iron Man 2

I find any and all origin stories in the movies tough to get through because of being a comic fan before anything else, its my handicap. I'm sure most folks first p/u a comic because of either the hero, or the action. I mean how many folks first pick up a book and its the origin story? Its usually something you discover later.

Outside of Batman Begins, beause the origin isn't just a a scene, its weaved into the first 2 acts, so its hard to avoid, but done well as a story structure.

IM 1 I can choke down, cause he's my fav, but still I skip to the Mark II test as the film kick off. I'm sure most folks respect X-men as a movie, but X2 is the one you can pretty much always sit through at any point in the film. IM 1 is superior to X-men the first (even tho X1 doesn't have origin scenes persay), but X2 is top dog to most I think. IM2 is not X2...or Spiderman 2, but its on there heels. Again I have a slant as an IM fan.

I thought too the weight of the Avengers tie-in would harrass my time w/ the sequel, but think for a second, outside of SamNickFury at the end, there wasn't a WHOLE lot of time devoted to setting the next big thing up. Really a name on a folder, a joke about the shield, that madness at the end....( I'm sorry but **** the Avengers movie, I want an IM 3) Widows involvement as part of a larger landscape of do gooders, was minimal. IM and S.H.I.E.L.D. have always been tied together, and in IM2 they quickly made it come back to Stark. I think any and all talk about the Avengers only bothered die hards, cause we in large part know what they want to do. In actuallity Avengers talk was very brief and only involved 1 direct conversation.

I say IM2 still even after only a couple viewings (didn't most of us know when we LEFT the theater after Spiderman 3 it wasn't the best effort on a whole lot of fronts) so freshness is a factor but not as heavy as some would bring up. No one who isn't a pain in general would say the action wasn't ratched up this time and that's what I look for in my comic films, a compelling story is a bonus, but I feel what they put together is still better than most. When I get the jones for a story, ill flip thru my old back issues. Ill keep IM2 on in the background.

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