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Default Re: Dance-Off: Drunk Iron Man vs Justin Hammer at Stark Expo!

Tony growling and doing that wrestler flex move was hilarious. His whole line on going to the bathroom in the suit was hilarious too. At first I thought it was hokey for the reason for Rhodey being in the suit, but he did it because Tony was drunk and he could have potentially killed or hurt someone going off with those repulsors.

Although I didn't care for the "It takes two." song. A movie should never place that song in it. "Another One Bites The Dust" was better.

The line that I didn't like was "Drop your socks and grab your crocs." That's about it.

And in its own way I agree with Figs, I thought Peter dancing was funny. The entire audience laughed when they saw it. I did too. But in context with the film, it's unecessary, but in its own way, it is funny. And dammit, Tobey has got the moves.

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