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Default Re: Iron Man vs Iron Man 2

Originally Posted by YJ1 View Post
I've noticed this in the past myself. For good movies, the second time I see them I seem to enjoy them even more. My mind is usually racing the first time through and I miss the little nuances that make the film great. I noticed some the first time through on IM2 and I'm sure I'll see more the next time I see it.

To me, IM2 took everything that made the first film great and either kept it or added to it. That means IM2 is the better film.
Same here.

I think what it is with me is that I have these expectations(I try not to but it's hard sometimes)and although they may not all happen in the film it doesn't ruin anything but it takes me a second viewing to sit back watching it accepting what they gave us. That's why I usually enjoy these movies based on properties I/we grew up on the second time around even more.

I swear it's going to be tough waiting for the Thor film once IM2 comes out on DVD/Blu-Ray. I'll be watching IM, IM2 and TIH back to back most likely a number of months before the release of Thor.

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