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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by epc11223 View Post
now i know this is not a spider-man forum, but i really don't get why spider-man 2 gets so much love. i really do find it to be a bit of a carbon copy to superman II where he wants to give up his powers to get the girl. that's essentially the story for spider-man 2. where the dark knight and even iron man 2 are different, at least they attempted to do creative things. even with x2. i'm a huge superman fan so i'm going to be biased about put that as number 1, so don't flame me too bad as i know it's not what most people would agree with and say that i'm crazy, but it's what i grew up with lol.

1. superman II
2. The Dark Knight
3. X2
4. Iron Man 2
5. Transformers 2: ok ok ok, i'm probably going to lose all credibility for this one but i'll explain. i'm a transformers fan and as bad as the film is, it had some cool optimus prime scenes and again, i'd have to go for originality. it wasn't really about giving up powers to get the girl.

i dont know, sorry for all the hate on spider-man, but i just feel that the most recent cartoon, spectacular spider-man was far superior than any of the movies. it had humor, charm, and action. it's what i would like to see in a live action movie for spider-man which i don't think we got in the raimi movies.
Oh wow! I totally forgot about Superman II. I realize the film looks somewhat dated now with the FX, but as a kid that was THE sequel! I was too young to know about all the turmoil with Richard Donner getting fired and all that, but I really enjoyed that movie as a kid.

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