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Default Re: Iron Man vs Iron Man 2

What the first movie had that the second movie didn't was the awesome m1 and origin in the beginning, as well as the rest of the dessert stuff. it also had very dramatic moments. but the action was lacking.

what the second movie had that the first movie didn't was war machine and his awesome origin, more nick fury, more humor, black widow, better villains, much better action. while it may not have been as dramatic as the first there was still enough seriousness to balance things out. it may not have been as balanced as the first but it was definitely there. lets not forget about the prison scene and the whole "I'm dying" subplot. but there was more humor than seriousness this time. which for me isn't bad at all cuz i was afraid it would try to go all dark knight on us.
this movie also had more of a connection with the marvel universe as a whole.

it's close, but I'd say definitely 2, but not by much. if that makes any sense.

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