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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

this is what i'm saying ) superman II really upped the ante much like the dark knight, x2, iron man II and i'll even say rise of the silver surfer. they added something new to the story (for the most part) but with spider-man 2 he just kept pining for mj, had somone he admired become a villain and more feeling sorry for himself. the end was pretty bad too with mj leaving her fiance stood up on their wedding day. how can that possibly top "sorry mr. president, i won't let you down again." but the sincerity that christopher reeve portrayed as superman was uncanny. to me you really believed that he wouldnt let him down again. the third superman movie should have been about his redemption and beat brainiac over a takeover and then the fourth one could have brought in bizarro to the franchise. what could have been (. but alas, this is an iron man 2 forum, and i would definitely put it above spider-man 2. while i like the character of spider-man, i think spider-man 2 gets way too much credit for a story that was done already. yes there were some differences but i will always think that the main main plot was already done.

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