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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

this is what i'm saying ) superman II i will always think is far superior to spider-man 2. while spider-man 2 had some decent action sequences it was too much of the same thing from the first movie. it had someone that peter admired becoming a villain and then giving up his powers to be with the girl that he loves. but if memory serves me right, he gave up his powers after knowing that dr. octopus was "born". what kind of hero gives up his powers when he knows there's a threat out there? that's not something spider-man would do, that's just bad story telling. now i haven't seen the movie in awhile, but i'm pretty sure thats how it went out. plus how many people know spider-man's identity? that was just ridiculous. iron man is known for revealing himself, so it's accurate, with spider-man it was just bad. spider-man really helped forge the superhero genre and made alot of money, but i honestly don't get all the love. i think spectacular spider-man the cartoon was far superior. in spider-man 2 mj stands up a good guy at the alter. that's pretty bad in my opinion. while peter is the audiences hero, that other guy did nothing wrong and was a good guy in the movie. it just seems out of place and out of character of mj. it would have added depth to mj's character if she actually had a scene to say good bye to her fiance. alot of people didn't like her character and it would have helped give her some heart. maybe edit one another scene that was pointless to add a quality scene. i'd say shorten the scene with aunt may as i found that scene to be kind of dragged out. ok i know this isn't a spider-man forum, so i apologize for staying on this subject for so long, but i just find it annoying that they get so much love. it really wouldnt even crack my top five!

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