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Default Re: Dance-Off: Drunk Iron Man vs Justin Hammer at Stark Expo!

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Not to defend SM3, but doesn't it show that Peter is using his powers to make an ass of himself (like a drunk) due to his symbiote? And is it not in context of him punching Mary Jane, which in all honesty was far more shocking (in a good way) than seeing Tony and Rhodey fight to Queen music.

Yeah the Peter dancing was lamer than Tony's. But they are done for the same reasons and both are eye-roll inducing, I think. And the drunken brawl is more laughable than the girlfriend beating.

Just throwing it out there. Just saying.
I would disagree except that they both are intended to show the main character out of control. Where they differ is that alcohol actually will have that effect on a person. But since when does the symbiote turn Peter into an emo dancing dork? That's not what it does. It's supposed to heighten aggressive tendencies. How does going emo or dancing fit? It doesn't and that's why it was a bad choice that still gets mocked. I don't think Iron Man dancing will get the same reception since it makes more sense.

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