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Default Re: Gwyneth Paltrow aka Pepper Potts: the REAL unsung hero of the Iron Man Movies

Originally Posted by UnionJack View Post
Yes Pepper is a smart business woman and all but she just seems a little ... I dunno dull.
Yes she's very dry, I imagine as a person also, I can only guess.
In the world of comics tho, personalites are stripped down, EVERYone can't be a 'card'. Then you'd have a whole universe of Alpha dogs...and 98% of superhero-ing is Alpha male-ish anyway. Her purpose pertaining to character and story is an anchor. I think she's a pretty hot anchor, dry sure, but I believable.

Originally Posted by danoyse View Post
Agreed! And as a female who has to put up with so many female characters in these movies being relegated to either damsel-in-distress or eye candy for the fanboys, it's so nice to have a female character that is smart and sensible and can hold her own without being an actual superhero.
I don't have kids, but I teach sometimes, and the girls they like superhero stuff...not near like the boys, but I wonder sometimes, who they would draw too. Unless your an adult and looking for characters, there's not much out there. I'm glad you said that.

Originally Posted by RoboAmish View Post
I found her scenes with Downey among the weakest in the film as it was at these times the lack of a decent script was most obvious, and they were allowed to partake in self-indulgent improvisation that, in an attempt to be funny, came accross as much too forced to me. It worked in the first film but they overdid it here.
...I can see some of that. Except one, the Tony/Pepper dynamic has this gorilla in the room that is Tony's exploits w/ all manner of gourgeous women. The film Pepper is an amalgam of Bami and Pepper, so you get the self assured Pepper, w/ the day to day business handling of Ms. Arbogast.

I thought the supposed tension between them was a lil much, not to the point where it was a big deal. but some of the impro was self-indulgent, but isn't most of it. And it wasn't ALL an attempt to be funny, like when you go back and forth w/ a hot chick from work, hell yea, some times it's sharp and funny and some innuendo, but times it's uncomfortable maybe. Definatly not as sharp as RDJ, but I didn't think it was forced. I liked it better here, cause the first time around she didn't have as much to do, and it was like 'Moonlighting' w/ Bruce Willis and the other chick.

Originally Posted by RoboAmish View Post
Reminded me of a bad episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with each talking over the other.
Since you have a 'Cantstandja' avatar even you know that there are no good or bad Curb episodes. Only Curb. Its the same story structure that resolve the same way since his work on Seinfield, formulaic like a Law and Order. You either Love it, which I do, or you find it lame, which alot of people do I guess. Sometimes Larry David's yarn and fillibustering is flat too, but that's no to say it's bad IMO. You either find that particular diatribe weak or strong. Itsall good. But there ALWAYS talking over each other.

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