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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
so you question the quality of SM2 and then go on to list transformers 2 in your top 5.

transformer 2 is comfortably (COMFORTABLY!!) the worst movie I have ever seen.

the topic of the thread is "where does iron man 2 stand among other superheroes" which can be taken in a few different ways. is it on quality or enjoyment? or is it both? it's quite subjective. if you're going for quality, what kind of quality? technically speaking, transformers is a master piece when it comes to making big huge transformers come to life. is the story or the dialogue quite up to par? maybe not for some. now when you talk about quality, do you mean how much money it made? transformers 2 did quite well at the box office so that means it must have had repeat viewings, which means people must have enjoyed it on some level. same can be said for spider-man 2. but with that said, for the general audience most probably have not seen superman II or it is not nearly as fresh in their minds as mine,because it is a new generation of viewers. while i am only 28, i have been a huge fan of superman since i was 4 years old, so for me; spider-man 2 seems too much of a copy from superman II.

whereas transformers, while it had its many faults seemed like a more new concept and story. it may not have been what it could have or should have been, but how does one define quality? i'm going by enjoyment factor and i enjoyed transformers 1 alot more than transformers 2, but we're talking about sequels here. as a sequel, i thought transformers 2 just seemed like a fresher concept while taking things from past mythology like the matrix. i find that i can re watch transformers 2 more than spider-man 2. while transformers 2 may have been one of, if not the, worst movie you ever saw, than you are more than entitled to your opinion. transformers 2 had bad dialogue but i find as characters they didn't stray as far away from the source material as spider-man 2. spider-man 2 was almost a retread of spider-man 1 where someone who is a mentor to him turns into a bad guy, he wants to be with mj, and is dealing with his powers. spider-man 2 had some redeeming qualities but i find that it is not quite as good as the original.

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