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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

TDK, X2 and SM2 were clearly better in my mind. I'm not a Spider-Man fan but I was never bored watching the second film and the schmaltz was kept in relative check to the action and humour.

The superhero genre has become so crowded (and will get moreso thanks to Marvel's plans) that filmmakers really have to create something special for their work to stand out in it.

I think Favreau and co had good intentions with this film but, sadly, in a couple of years time not many will give it much thought. It's got too many flaws to even be a great popcorn movie like the first one. Their responsibility now is to make a really great third film that wasn't blatantly rushed by the studio.

- Dear Chris, please edit TDKR to include longer shots than you normally have.

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