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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by JeetKuneDo View Post
I find TDK extremely boring myself. Not exactly sure what is supposed to be so good about it. Ledger is amazing...but nothing else works for me. I really don't think I could ever endure sitting through it again. Feels like a 7 hour movie. Definitely one of my least favorite SH movies.
Agreed. I don't find the movie extremely boring but it does have pacing issues (feels very disjointed) and it's an average film anytime Heath Ledger isn't on the screen to keep things interesting. TDK is definitely the Joker's movie and he steals the show (a criticism Burton's Batman got). As the title character Bruce Wayne/Batman is as uninteresting as he can get. Same goes for support characters like Rachel Dawes. And the third act which feels tacked on makes TDK feel like an eternity. Those are the main reasons this movie has little replay value with me.

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