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Default Re: Gwyneth Paltrow aka Pepper Potts: the REAL unsung hero of the Iron Man Movies

Originally Posted by Night Raven View Post
We ought to have Bethany Cabe in the Iron Man movies, and stick Pepper with Happy, as in the comics. I don't care if Bethany doesn't ultimately end up with Tony and Pepper divorces Happy, I just want to see Bethany feature in the movies. She should've been in IM2 since we had Justin Hammer, Rhodey, Whiplash, Monaco etc: most of the characters from the Demon in a bottle storyline.
Gwyneth says she doesn't want her Pepper to end up with Happy as "the fans won't believe it" like she would know either way, nor care who she ends up with.
I'd rather see Tony be single than carry on with a subplot of romance to break up the action scenes.

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