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Default Re: Where does Iron Man 2 stand among other superhero sequels?

Originally Posted by enigmazona View Post
superman 2(for the story and fx of making a man fly pre cgi
x2(great story and handle a huge cast )
iron man2(story and seeding of follo up movies)
spiderman 2 (great footing in that universe)
dark knight (great story even better joker ...but the batman choice is as worse as )
I have to agree with you on batman choice in the Nolan movies. I've liked Christian Bale in somethings, and actually his Bruce Wayne performance is OK, but his Batman is just beyond rediculous.

Honest question for anyone, does Bale's batman voice provoke fear or laughter in you? For me it's definitely the latter, and it almost makes the movies unwatchable.

Anyone ever see Kevin Smith doing an imitation of Bale's Batman? Go look it up on youtube.

No I don't think Bale should be replaced, but he needs to seriously tone down the stupid raspy voice. It just sounds like a 900 sex line pervert voice.

Other than Keaton, I thought Val Kilmer was a good choice. It's unfortunate he was cast in such a horrid movie with a director who saw Batman and Robin as some sort of erotic gay porn allegory.

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