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Default Re: Iron Man 3 confirmed

Originally Posted by FaT_tONle View Post
Yeah it's confirmed. Everyone is pretty much signed. May 3rd 2013 is probably the target date.
So basically RDJ'll be filming Avengers and then going immediately into filming IM3. I hope they get a different writer for IM3(not that I dislike Theroux) and really start on it, like now in order to iron out all the wrinkles and make a kick-ass story. IM1 basically got most of it's story inspiration from Stan Lee's original idea which is why it's the stronger story of the 1st two movies. IM2 was less about the story and more about the characters and that's not necessarily a bad thing. But IMO, IM3 needs to be story, story, story!!! Sure, character stuff still needs to be there but they have the perfect opportunity to one-up the second movie and break the threequel curse(again, the Indiana Jones model).

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